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Annual Event : Aanandho Brahma's Annual event is a three day grand event celebrated every year in the month of August since its formation. Mega cultural events are conducted with the participation of film celebrity Artists, singers and dancers.

Tyagarajaswamy Aradhananotsavam : 

                                                                       " Tyāgarāja Dhyāna Ārādhanótsavālu" is a unique program being conducted by AANANDHO BRAHMA / ENJOYMENT SCIENCE ACADEMY for the past 7 years.

                                                                        First of its kind in the World where in we can see the audience enjoy Carnatic Music Concerts and the compositions of Sri Tyagaraja swami in a deep self awareness state of Anapanasati Meditation, which creates intense group  energies and helps in realising the Supreme Consciousness. 

Anandobharma Mega event -2K23

Tyagarajaswami Aaradanavustvalu - 2021

7th Annual Celebrations - ESA  (AanandhoBrahma)- Online (Zoom) 2020

Tyagaraja Swami Aaradana Vustvalu - 2019

Tyagaraja Swami Aaradana Vustvalu - 2020

4th Annual Celebrations - ESA  (AanandhoBrahma) - Yanam - 2017

5th Annual Celebrations -  ESA  (AanandhoBrahma) - Ongole August  2018

6th Annual Celebrations - ESA  (AanandhoBrahma) - Indradhanassu -August 15th to 18th 2019 -Visakhapatnam

3rd Annual Celebrations - ESA  (AanandhoBrahma) - Chittoor-2016

2nd Annual Celebrations - ESA  (AanandhoBrahma) - Nellore - 2015

1st Annual Celebrations - ESA 
(AanandhoBrahma) - Vizag - 
December 2014

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