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Dr. P.S.Gopala Krishna, MBBS, Masters in Public Health(UK) 
Aanandho Brahma Trust 

Dr. Gopala Krishna , after realizing the value of true happiness in life in the year 2002, started his life with Spiritual service by establishing Meditation health centers. His part of happiness is to do unconditional service in rural India . 

Later he realized the value of music and to uplift his childhood passion, started learning Carnatic Music. At one point he says, by learning a new art one can make himself "Ego-Zero" and that automatically maintain clarity in life . Gradually, music and arts has become part of his spiritual prescription. He found this is the easiest way to reach rural masses to grow them spiritually . That lead to the development of programs throughout the year.

When Patri Sir first coined the term 'Enjoyment Science Academy' at Tirupathi, Dr.Gopala Krishna has shown interest to do this programs in whole Andhra Pradesh. The main motto is to introduce meditation in a simple way to everyone especially artists.First the programs were conducted under the name 'Enjoyment Science Academy' for 10 years and then it was changed to 'AanandhoBrahma'.

Initially the cultural programs with three-hour duration were conducted with the title 'Atmanandalahari'. Now it has become a three-day event with prominent singers, comedians, actors belonging to cine field participating in the event. Dr.Gopala Krishna handled many departments like publicity, finance, selecting premises,allocating responsibilities etc. His unique vision was completely visible in the way he organised these programs. These programs will be conducted soon in North & South India and also world wide. Anandhobrahma youth trust was formed on July,2017 with Dr.Gopala Krishna heading the trust as Chairman.

As a part of Anandobrahma many activities like shortfilm making , meditation, sports , Inner beauty (Atmasoundaryam), Tyagarajaaradhana , spiritual tours , trekkings , promoting spiritual movies , extensive spiritual service programmes in senior citizen homes etc were conducted and benifitted a large number of people. 



K. Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Managing , Cultural co-ordinator who provides a complete range of administrative, planning and coordination support to all Cultural events organised by 'Aanandho Brahma'.

Contact No.: +91 9246648405

P. Padmavathi, a renowned classical dancer(Kuchipudi dance) and CEO of Pyramid Yoga and Dance Academy (PYDA) International. She conducted and performed many yoga and classical dance events in many countries.

Contact No.: +44 7459182305

S.Lakshmi, meditating from past 20 years, conducts 'Spiritual Parenting' sessions and also actively participates in 'Aanandho Brahma' programs. Leaves her mark in conducting music meditation with her bowl music. Provides good financial support for all the events.

Contact No.: +91 8008117037

B.Ramani, beautician by profession developed a project named "Aatma Soundaryam('Inner Beauty)' with intensive research on how arts and meditation can bring a tremendous change in one's beauty. Active member in conducting 'Thyagaraja Aaradhana Vustavalu' ,  a three-day program conducted annually .

Contact No.: +91 9246648405

P.Prasad, an active member of PSSM started his spiritual journey in the year 1999. 
He is a director by profession and directed spiritual movies (short films) to bring awareness about meditation. Some of his short films are 'Swasa','Pettugodalu', 'Nelathalli'. Apart from being a director he also organizes spiritual tours to improve awareness regarding meditation and well-being.

Contact No.: +91 9951811566

P.Jyothi, meditating from past 20 years, assists in planning and coordinating in all   Aanandhobrahma  programs and also a good financial supporter.

Contact No.: +91 9393102993

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